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We are very focused on providing consulting in Companies Act to make your company very friendly for financiers to finance.

About Us

Get Funding (http://getfunding.asia) is a consulting and training firm that specialises in enabling local SMEs to get funding to increase revenue and profits.

We want to serve the SME market in the southeast asian region in the following areas;

1) Bank financing to expand their business.

2) Investor financing to expand their businesses to go for potential listing in the stock market.

We will be taking stakes in our clients’ businesses as well if there is a fit in our collective investment profile and client’s business growth profile. We will be rewarding our associates with shares in companies that have high chance to go for listing in the stock market.

We serve a lot of SMEs in Singapore on an IRAS funding scheme, Productivity and Innovation (PIC) Scheme. This scheme provides funding support for automation technology, development projects & training – sending employees for skillset training, using iPads to improve work processes or to use web technology to interact with customers & to manage work, etc. These are activities that increase a SME’s productivity.

Many of our clients have received up to $60,000 in funding support due to our in depth understanding of human resource in productivity & innovation initiatives – to claim for salary cost of human resource – an expense that is typically left out by most Productivity & Innovation Scheme’s applications.

Says CEO Raymond Ng, “Most funding applications focus on computer hardware, software & training. While these are important components in a productivity & innovation initiatives, they hardly are the biggest cost component or the most important factors. There is no doubt that the most important factor in a productivity initiative relies on human resource. The problem is that most applications will leave that out. This results in significantly larger monetary claims for our clients and differentiates us from our competitors.

With our services, we really hope that Singapore SMEs may utilize the government funding more holistically. In the process, creating a working environment & economy that is conducive to the growth of the respective SMEs and our beloved country.


What our clients say about us.

“As business owners, we do not have the knowledge or experience to structure these claims. With your expertise, we managed to claim back more than what I have initially thought possible… I would recommend this service to other business owners as your advice has definitely helped us receive the maximum funding. This allows SMEs like us to have additional funds to invest more back into improving our business operations.” – Yoong Xin-Yun, MD of Hark Music

About Founder



Mr Raymond Ng has been a funding consultant for the last 10 years. In the last 10 years, he has assisted well over thousands of companies to apply for government funding to expand their businesses.

The success rate of his funding applications is well over 90%. Presently, he wishes to share more how he is able to apply so many government funding applications successfully.

He feels that when more companies understand funding principles they would be able to benefit more from government funding.

He also wants to share his knowledge with upcoming funding professionals on how they can use this knowledge to help their clients.

As government funding goes hand in hand with innovation, Raymond Ng also assists companies in planning for their innovation initiatives.

Professional Affiliation

Raymond Ng has been certified as a Practising Management Consultant since 1 May 2010.

The certifying body, Practising Management Consultant Certification Board, is supported by the following government bodies, 1) SPRING Singapore, 2) IE Singapore, 3) WDA.

This certification is often required in some of the government funding schemes that are operating right now.

Raymond Ng has also been certified as a Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants in the year of 2012.

This is a certification that allows all CMCs (Certified Management Consultants) to have worldwide recognition for their consulting work.


When he was younger, he also contributed immensely to the productivity drive of Singapore Armed Forces. He received the Certificate of Commendation from Dr Yeo Ning Hong & the civilian award of NQCC Gold Award by Mr Lim Boon Heng.

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