CEO Lunch


We are part of this fabulous network after attending this course. After this course, we raised S$ 400k for our innovative co op spa. We also involved in a new business concerning virtual currencies.

We are also in the process of expanding into China.

We are organizing a CEO Lunch to network with successful people who attended the Course. Mr Jonathan Por, Winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award will be sharing his success story, and also what great expansion he got after joining the Club.


10 activities of MOC

1. MOC program – Principles of fund raising.
2. GER conferences – International funding conferences.
3. CEO networking events – Network with successful CEOs.
4. Capital raising roadshows – Raise millions for your business
5. Business models brainstorming sessions – see how to improve business.
6. Capital centre meetings – Contact capital centres with loads of projects.
7. Entrepreneurs & projects visitation – visit businesses of our friends.
8. Overseas learning n recreation activities – See international business
9. Schools building charity events – contribute back to Society.
10. “Meet Dr Wong” sessions – Talk to our mentor.

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Miracles of Capital

This is a course that shares on the knowledge required to allow a company to restructure its business model for the purpose of high profit margin revenue stream, fund raising & public listing.

After the course, we raised capital to create the first Co Op Spa in Southeast Asia.


We also won the Most Promising Capital Centre Award. We are glad to be given an opportunity to evaluate more projects and to structure their capital roadmap for them to realize their rightful potential in the market.


The award.


We are also connected to entrepreneurs and capitalists in different cities in Malaysia to expand our business there.

We are now also raising funding for a fantastic teddyville museum project by a tested entrepreneur who started Owl Museum, Camera Museum in Penang. This photo is taken at the Cat Cafe which they are business owners. They have raised money for this as well, and many of their businesses, they have started to give out dividends.


We also went to Kuala Lumpur to be connected with the students there. We are now talking with them about expanding our business there.


Trainer Introduction

The instructor for the course is Dr Wong Jeh Shyan. The following introduction is copied and paste from Wikipedia (


Wong Jeh Shyan (Chinese: 黃哲賢; pinyin: Húang Zhéxián; Hakka (客家 Kèjiā), ) was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore.

He co-founded and served as CEO of Ecommerce Gateway Pte. Ltd., with strategic investment in Karachi and Middle East M.I.C.E. industry. The company project manages the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar and owns ITCN Asia, the largest ICT event in Pakistan.

Wong serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates, Consulting Partner in CNSG Consulting Group, and have indirect interest in more than ten private equity and venture capital firms in China.

His activities include the chairmanship of International Architects’ Salon which executed the lobby for the conservation of Factory 798 in Beijing from 2003–2004, now transformed into Dashanzi Art District 798.

His incubator known work scope include mentoring successful entrepreneurs, usually from established business families in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Pakistan, expanding to South Africa. He currently sits on the Board of Advisor (CS & IT) in Institute of Business and Technology (Biztek) Karachi and advises on Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education in Karachi.

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