Rise of the Small – Dema’s Tio Sharing

On the 24th May 2016, we had our first run of the Rise of the Small talk series. Our first speaker is Mr Dema Tio.


His profile is simple. He is the Founder of Vibease. Vibease sells Smart Sex Toys. He raised hundreds of thousands from SOSVentures. A prestigious Venture Capital firm focuses on investing in companies with potential to grow.

Long story short, his talk is mainly on how he grows his business, the kind of hurdles he faces during the path. Most importantly, how he eventually gains market penetration and also investor’s confidence and investment.

Every of our event would start off with some performance! Let’s enjoy the performance for those who are not there.

Music Performance – Annie’s Song

This is performed by Ms Iris Koh, Mr Rit Xu, Mr Trevor Nerva, Mr John, Ms Jessica.

Music Performance – Leader of the Band

This is performed by Ms Iris Koh, Mr Rit Xu, Mr Trevor Nerva, Mr John, Ms Jessica.

Starting the presentation proper

Main Points

Adapted from an audience's note

1. Focus on a business that solves a pain for people.

Gary Oh's notes, "If u have a solution to solve a pain points then even it is not well built people in pain will still pay to relief the pain ! Eg if u have a stomach ache, you will take any remedy that claim to solve the pain."

2. Execution is more important than the idea.

Gary Oh's notes, "Must your idea very niche and nobody know about it? Build business on existing platform (copycat) is ok. Execution is the key. Eg job's portal is old ideas but execute well can still make $$$ in short ,Need not to be great ideas.

Eg Google was not the first search engine .. The were many search engines before Google

Personally I think new disruptive idea will take a lot of time and money to educate the market and not really suitable for most of the aspiring entrepreneur ."

3. Patents, if used to prevent copycats, are very expensive to implement.

Gary Oh's notes, "Most likely No! Patent is good but can be expensive to enforce the patent right . At least range from is $200K to $1m ... Startup usually can't afford hefty legal fees."

Event Photographs

DSC05767.Upload DSC05773.Upload

Iris Koh addressing the audience. Over 40 people came.


Performing songs!


Bokeh photo of the performance.


John, Rit, Iris & Trevor!


The crowd from the back of the venue.


I was addressing the audience.


I was addressing the audience. Introducing the speaker as well.


At the end of the event, the group was taking some photos!


Pre dinner networking!


Pre dinner networking.


Musician and Wan Wei taking photographs!


Great food!


Video Recording

We have recorded the video for the event, but do join our facebook group at the following URL to be informed when we finally release the video.


Free Seminar on Increasing your Cashflow & Grow Using Investors' Funds

For those who want to know the mechanics of how business people grow their revenue and using investors' funds, may come to this event for free.

Over the last 15 years, we have seen entrepreneurs struggling with the following concerns;

1) Building their business very slowly via very organic growth by acquiring customers by customers. Building their business value is very slow in terms of time. Many years are spent in the trenches before business is stable enough for growth.

2) Misunderstand the role of investment. When they are not doing well, no investors would invest. When they are doing well, they don't want investment. When the market turns against them, they are always caught off guard, and suffer great risks in the business.

This talk would cover the techniques that our founder is using to make business model safer to invest in and generating new revenue streams - thus in the process making it more investible.

Speaker also has 15 years experience dealing with government funding. When planned properly you would have investment funding waiting for you and also government funding.

Date : 7 June 2016, Thursday
Time : 7:00pm
Venue : 420 North Bridge Road, #05-27, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Thanks and Best Regards.

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