Speaker Series Talk Summary – D’Niel Strauss

D’Niel Strauss’ Talk


This is our own summary of D’Niel Strauss’ Talk. If there is any mistake, it is ours, not his. We are summarizing in point form for your benefits;

1) Entrepreneurs often make the mistakes of not knowing the funding mandate before asking for investments from Venture Capitalists. E.g. Some VCs have a minimum investment amount and will not invest if it is less than that amount.

2) Business must have strong foundation, of which Venture Capital can readily expand on generating of more revenue.

3) Businesses must have aspirational clarity, businesses that want to expand to list in the stock market or trade sale can apply for Venture Capital. If not, they should not seek Venture Capital investments at all.

4) Businesses seeking investments must understand the Companies Act. Businesses that do not understand Companies Act should not seek any investment funding at all.

End of Summary.

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