Fund Raising with End in Mind


I once talked to a client who wanted me to help him with fund raising.

I asked him, “What are the returns you can promise the investors?”

He suggested, “100% in 4 years”

Then I stopped him, “Okay, you don’t have to tell me about your project. No point”.

Notice that I did not even ask him what his project is about, because with such returns nobody would be interested to invest. Given that investment via buying Company’s shares has a risk to capital. For having the risk of capital, 100% in 4 years is too low a return.

Honestly for most of the people raising funding for their business, they have ridiculous ideas of what investors expect from their investments – telling them that they would get back their capital in 3 years.

Why not try to tell them that their investments would grow by 100 times?

Too big a number to tell? That is because you don’t understand capital mechanism.

Why did Vertex invest 12.5m into Grabtaxi? Capital mechanism.

Why did Softbank invest 250m into Grabtaxi? Capital mechanism.

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