Increase your cashflow & grow using investors’ funds!

Over the last 15 years, we have seen entrepreneurs spending months talking to investors & entrepreneurs.

The most common mismatch is that investors are asking for financial performances before investing. Entrepreneurs think that if they have financial performance they do not need investments.

Entrepreneurs would continue to struggle for months and years trying to get that financial performance and are caught in this catch 22 situation;

1) If they cannot get that financial performance, their potential is completely gone.

2) If they can get that financial performance, they may feel that the investors are coming in when the problem has been solved.

The key to understanding investment is that investors invest in growth (or what they think to be growth), not on pure potential. The key then is to have a business model to act on so that there is visibility to the investors and entrepreneurs on how the business can grow.

This talk would cover the techniques that our founder is using to make business model safer to invest in and generating new revenue streams – thus in the process making it more investible.

Speaker also has 15 years experience dealing with government funding. When planned properly you would have investment funding waiting for you and also government funding.

Date : 8 March 2016, Tuesday
Time : 7:00pm
Venue : 420 North Bridge Road, #05-27, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727



“I approached Raymond Ng from Candle Consultations because I was at a crossroad with my tuition agency start up, House Tutor, not knowing which direction to take nor how to grow & level it up further.

Raymond shared with me how the House Tutor system was unique and could potentially be grown globally with the appropriate business structure. The result, was the birth of the licensee model for House Tutor with the growth potential paved towards IPO.

In less than 2 months the new model was conceptualized and implemented successfully. A few things I personally liked about Raymond is his sharp eye to spot the potential in businesses and of-course his genuine and candid personality.

I found the experience I received from Raymond invaluable. I have approached many consultants and none provided the same confidence, conviction and structure as provided by Raymond Ng.

I would strongly recommend Candle Consultations to everyone who needs help or assistance in restructuring their business to develop a new or greater growth potential for your business”
– Founder, House Tutor.

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