Live Example : 6 Figure Fund Raising for Innovative Satay Business!


My partnership with Mr Shah has bore fruit in less than 1 month, we have raised 6 figure for our Satay Business together. Many more 6 figures to come!

My client has always asked me whether it is possible for me to raise funding for their business and NOT asked so much questions.

I told them funding is plenty for the taking provided that there is a sound business model. Usually, this will taper off to a silent competition with the person not agreeing that he does not have a good business model, and for me no point to explain further.

I saw Mr Shah no less than a month ago. The business model is easy to see, selling Satay. He attended my course and voila, 6 figure of funding is raised before the first day of presentation and we have not yet met the investors in person yet.

This is shot in a Sunday bank’s visit, with a 6 figure investment, and many more to come. This is only the start.

For those who want to know more;

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