Payment Page for Business Model Mindset

This is the first experiential course in the whole world to share about business model design. Business model that reaps new revenue stream & funding possibilities (including government & private funding).


The creator of training program puts forward a bold statement – the biggest hurdle to Business Model Design is in the Mindset.

Price : S$ 2,997 (future runs at S$ 3,997)
When : Refer to
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Time : Refer to

Payment Modes : BitCoins


BitCoin Text Address : 1M4h7rqtjohFYRgpZZHsFekByvTQ3qLj49

Payment Modes : Paypal (1-time payment)

One time payment of S$ 2,997.

Payment Modes : Paypal (3-time monthly payments of S$ 999.00)

3 times monthly payment of S$ 999.00.

Payment Modes : Cheque

Write out a cheque of S$ 2,997 to “Occamlogic Consulting”

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