Year in Review 2014


Today is the first day of 2015. It is a great time to review 2014 and see what we have achieved as a company

2014 is one of our most challenging as well as our most transformative years.

Year 2014, as more of our peers are up to speed with Productivity & Innovation Credit consulting services, our business structure innovated a lot to provide more value to the SME market requiring funding.

Functionally, we now help companies to raise funding from more sources. Rather than merely from the government, we are now extending our fund raising to banks, venture capital funds.

If the project is right, we invest also our own capital.

As of the last month of the year, the following projects are invested upon and growing.

1) Companies that deals with Digital Currency – Coins Community Pte Ltd & Kryptonomy Treasures Pte Ltd.

2) Xpedia – Company that has innovative E Learning System that can help companies & schools provide training services. Companies can also use the system to train their own employees for higher productivity.

On our plate now, we are now considering investment into an retail automation company that would resolve the problems of manpower problems in Singapore, and another fashion company that has their eyes set on the southeast asia. A project that focuses on providing consumables & services to SMEs, we are seriously looking into it as well.

There are companies we invested in but basically did not turn out as expected and directions were different so we exited those investments.

In the year of 2014, we had come to realize first hand that the most important thing in business is not money / funding. Once we have the right business model and the right people money is never ever a problem. In my last 15 years, where I have faced thousands of clients who think that their problem is the lack of money, I say now with more conviction that in business the lack of money is never ever an issue – it is no longer an intellectual understanding for us.

When the partners are wrong, you would find that they would make it difficult subconsciously for the company to grow.

After those trying first few investment cases of the year, we have made our investment evaluation more stringent. Focusing very much on personality traits, value systems then subsequently to investigate on the business model. Only when we evaluate all those criteria then we would invest. We find that investing this manner would ensure a greater chance of success.

As a result of this we have also created syllabus in business modelling. We have run 4 classes so far, and we are glad that our course has made it easier for us to evaluate whether we are to work with one another. We are also happy that many of our students have gone on independently to plan and run companies aiming for a greater level of success. Some even plan for the company to go for stock market listing.

We are also glad that our new activity in investment is recognized formally by an award – Most Promising Capital Centre Award.


I guess looking back at the year, we have lost some, we have gained some. On the whole, when we grow as a person, we would grow as a company. Only then we would be able to bring more of our clients & investments to greater heights.

We look forward to supporting all our clients and our investments in 2015 and the coming years.

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